• apply arrival card
  • 網路填寫入國登記表

      (1) 外國籍旅客未持有台灣地區居留證、外交官員證及居留簽證者。
      (2) 大陸地區人民持觀光多次入出境許可證者。
      (3) 港澳居民持單次或多次入出境許可證者(持網簽、落地簽、中華民國居留證者不需填)。
      (4) 無戶籍國民:未持有中華民國居留證者。
      (1) 請於每次入國證照查驗前填寫完畢。
      (2) 請詳實填寫,若有缺漏入國查驗時另須重新填寫紙本入國登記表。
      (3) 英文姓名欄位僅接受英文字母與空白字元,請勿輸入其他符號。
      (4) 如需填寫中文資料請以繁體中文填寫。
      (5) 本證無須列印。

    Online Arrival Card

    1. People who are required to fill in an Arrival Card:
      (1) Foreigners without an ROC (Taiwan) Resident Certificate / a Diplomatic ID 
          Card / a Resident Visa.
      (2) Mainland Chinese with a Multiple Entry & Exit Permit for the purpose of 
      (3) Hong Kong and Macau Residents with a Single/Multiple Entry & Exit Permit, 
          excluding those who enter Taiwan with an Online Entry Permit / Landing Entry 
          Permit / ROC (Taiwan) Resident Certificate.
      (4) Nationals without Household Registration without an ROC (Taiwan) Resident 
    2. Remarks:
      (1) Please fill in an Arrival Card for immigration inspection upon arrival each time.
      (2) Please offer complete information when filling in the Arrival Card. If the 
          information is found incomplete, you will be required to fill in a paper Arrival 
          Card for immigration inspection.
      (3) The space for English Name accepts only English letters and spaces.  
      (4) If Chinese information is required, please enter the information in traditional 
      (5) Printout is not required.